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Rachel and the Leprechauns

Rachel stood before the trio of leprechauns totally naked.  The leprechaun’s took in the gorgeous curves of her body.  Rachel felt a bit nervous being openly ogled by the three small men.  But the fact that they were naked, too, and there wasn’t anyone else around eased her mind a little bit.  All three of them began to approach her and she tensed up, unsure of what they were going to do.  Their cocks were totally hard, over a foot long, and several inches thick.  Much larger than she’d ever taken before.  The thought both excited and frightened her.

The first leprechaun approached her from the front, his head coming up to her crotch.  He moved forward and buried his face in her trimmed pubic hair, starting to lick at her cunt.  Rachel gasped and parted her legs slightly to give the small man more room to work.  She felt his tongue lap at her pussy with quick flicks and the sensations quickly flowed through her and made her grow warm.

The second leprechaun circled around behind Rachel and came up close to her well-shaped ass.  He reached up and parted her fleshy cheeks to reveal her puckered anus.  The dark-haired young woman let out a surprised moan as he began to tongue her asshole.  Her pleasure heightened as the two leprechauns ate her out from both ends.  She’d never had her asshole licked before and was amazed at how good it felt.  These guys meant business when it came to getting her off and this was only foreplay.  She couldn’t wait for the real sex to begin.

Rachel’s attention was brought to the third leprechaun as he hopped onto the shoulders of the one giving her pussy a thorough licking.  After gaining his balance, the third small man went about massaging Rachel’s tits, rubbing her nipples to stiffness before burying his face in her cleavage and moving out to suck on each of her breasts in turn.

The triple assault of pleasure was quickly building Rachel up to a climax.  She threw her head back and cried out as her pussy juices gushed out onto the leprechaun’s face.  Her knees went weak and she found herself sinking down onto the soft grass.  All three of the leprechauns stopped their oral pleasuring of her and stepped back to look her over again.  Regaining her breath, Rachel looked up at them with pleading eyes.  She had to have more.

The trio of leprechauns merely stood before her with their erections presented to her.  Getting the message, Rachel crawled forward and lowered her head to the nearest cock, sucking it into her mouth.  She used each of her hands to take hold of the other two and started to jerk them off.  Her lips locked tightly around the girth of the cock and she sucked hard, running her tongue along the length of the small man’s shaft.  She pulled her lips away and turned to attend the leprechaun on the right, switching her hand to the one she’d just stopped sucking on.

Rachel kept up her sucking and jerking, switching off to give each one of the leprechauns an equal amount of attention.  Finally, the original one she’d started sucking off blew his load right down her throat.  Normally, Rachel didn’t swallow, but it came as such a shock that she had no choice.  But as the warm spunk dribbled down the back of her throat, she found it tasted much better than normal jizz.  It was sweeter, almost as if it was made of sugar.

Once the first leprechaun had finished shooting his load, Rachel switched to the next, allowing him to pump his seed down her throat as well.  The taste was addictive and she immediately went to the third and final leprechaun and enthusiastically finished sucking him off before drinking him down.

The young woman sat back, licking the remnants of the sweet seed from her lips and was surprised to find that the leprechauns were all hard as rocks again.  Then as she thought about it, they’d never gotten soft, even as she was finishing sucking their jizz out of them.  She smirked.  That was a useful skill.  In a moment, she found out how useful as the leprechauns charged her and pushed her back onto the ground.

One lifted her legs up and pushed two of his fingers into her wet pussy, getting them moist before pushing them into her asshole to get it lubed up.  Then he brought the head of his large prick to the entrance of her ass and started to push into her.  Rachel’s eyes widened as she felt the huge member spearing into her anus, stretching her wide.  It didn’t hurt as much as she thought it would though and it didn’t take long for the leprechaun to get all the way into her.

The second leprechaun hopped in front of his comrade currently fucking Rachel’s ass and started to feed his monster cock into her tight cunt.  Rachel moaned, enjoying the double penetration of the two dicks.  Once both had gotten all the way inside her, they started to simultaneously pound into her cunt and ass with hard fast strokes.  Rachel gasped, moaned and eventually started to cry out with pleasure.  Her body became moist with sweat and her breasts bounced with each thrust.

Her jiggling tits were exactly what the third leprechaun was interested in.  He climbed onto the young woman’s chest and grabbed hold of both sweaty orbs and began to roughly titfuck her while pinching and twisting her nipples.  His cock was so long that as he pushed all the way forward, the tip hit against her lips.  Rachel tilted her head forward and opened her mouth, sucking on the cock as it came forward.

All four of them found a pace that suited them and it was about as fast as could be.  Rachel’s hips bucked forward as the two leprechauns fucking her twat and ass plowed inside her.  Meanwhile, the third leprechaun was riding her like a bucking bull, holding onto her tits and see-sawing his cock through her cleavage and into her waiting mouth.  All three leprechauns started to cum, spewing their jizz inside of Rachel’s body and all over her face.  Their cum just added more lubrication, enabling them to fuck her faster and harder, and the sperm itself seemed to heighten her pleasure.  The feelings grew and grew, overwhelming her brain and making her scream to try and release the ecstasy filling her.

The ultimate orgasm Rachel had wished for came over her like a nuclear blast.  Her entire body tensed and began to spasm.  Her scream reached an intense pitch and her eyes bulged.  Every nerve in her young body was alive with pleasure.  Her body relaxed and her head rolled to the side, letting out heavy pants.  The look in her face was one of pure pleasure.  The leprechauns all pulled out of the girl, leaving her pleasure-dazed body lying in the field.


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