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Fingers — Evelyn Applegate

Eric stood very still as Kwon took his hand without speaking, gently but firmly pulling the microphone from his grasp and placing it on the table. Eric looked down at his friend’s other hand as it momentarily gripped his. Kwon’s fingers were long and slender. Musician’s fingers, with their pared nails and calloused fingertips. So many times Eric had watched them move across the frets as he played, never faltering, never missing their mark. These were fingers that knew what they were doing. Next they reached up and took Eric’s glasses, placing them carefully on the table beside the microphone. Without them the world around the two men grew blurry to Eric’s eyes. Remaining sharply in focus were Kwon’s face, his intense dark eyes fixed on Eric’s own, and those long-fingered hands as they reached out towards him again.

Kwon gripped Eric’s hair, pulling him forward into a kiss. As his tongue explored Kwon’s hot mouth Eric felt those fingers moving again, as one by one they undid the buttons of his shirt. Finally pulling away, Kwon ran his fingers through the thatch of sandy hair between his friend’s hardened nipples. Having seen Kwon dress in front of him on countless occasions, Eric knew that his chest was smooth and hairless and the same golden brown as his face and hands. He reached for the other man’s t-shirt, wanting to yank it over his head, but Kwon calmly swatted his hands away. When Eric opened his mouth to protest Kwon fixed him with a stare that made him feel like a naughty child.

Kwon knelt down in front of him and undid his belt buckle, followed by his fly. He tugged down Eric’s jeans, revealing the hard bulge at the front of his y-fronts. Then he pulled those down too, and Eric gave a little grateful gasp as his already erect cock slipped free. He looked down at Kwon. He had mixed feelings about seeing his friend in this position. After all these years of friendship, would this spoil things between them?

“Kwon, you don’t have to,” he said softly, and without conviction.

Kwon shot him a withering look. “Of course I don’t have to. I want to. I’ve always wanted to.”

“Oh thank God!” gasped Eric, as those fingers expertly gripped the shaft of his cock and ran ever so lightly over the tip where a drop of pre-come glistened. Kwon put his finger to his lips and seemed to like what he tasted there, looking up at Eric with a wicked smile. Then he bent his head again and began kneading Eric’s cock like bread dough. His grip was firm and Eric felt a tiny moan escape his lips. He had dreamt of this moment so many times but always woken up alone to damp, sticky sheets. This time he didn’t care if it was a dream. He would just enjoy it while it lasted. He closed his eyes and felt the exquisite sensation of Kwon’s tongue lapping at his balls.

“Tell me how you feel,” said Kwon, his tongue’s movement ceasing for a moment, but his fingers continuing to slide up and down the shaft.“I love your voice. Talk to me.”

“I feel…amazing… That’s so great, grip it hard like that!”

“Good…” Kwon purred. He continued licking and sucking at Eric’s balls, but withdrew one hand from his cock.

“Oh God, don’t stop!”

But Kwon wasn’t stopping. One hand continued rubbing up and down the shaft, which he moistened with occasional licks, but Eric felt the other slide down and begin to gently stroke his taint. He shivered with delight and felt Kwon’s hand pumping faster. His own breathing sped up in response.

“I’m so close!” he gasped.

As if by way of reply he felt Kwon’s moistened finger slide into his arse.

“Oh fuck yes!” With a shudder Eric came, involuntarily bucking his hips so that he had to steady himself against the table.

“Oh, God…” As his vision cleared Eric looked down at his friend, seeing the fresh come dripping from those slender musician’s fingers.

“Thank you,” he said. The word seemed so inadequate, but he didn’t know what else to say.

“You’re welcome. Was it like your dream?” Kwon asked. That mischievous smile was back.

“How did you know?” Eric was aghast.

“You talk in your sleep. And make noises. Some nights it was all I could do to stop myself climbing into your bed and having my way with you.”



“Thank you,” Eric said again, still unable to find the words to express the mixture of emotions running through his head. A sense of release after all those restless nights, gratitude for Kwon’s attention, and a twinge of fear that perhaps this was the first and last time he’d get to enjoy it.

“No worries,” said Kwon, still smiling. “What’s a little fun between friends?”

Apparently reading Eric’s confused expression he tried to reassure him.

“No obligations, mate. Nothing needs to change between us unless you want it to. Tomorrow if you want to forget all about this you can. Pretend it’s just another dream.”

“Okay,” said Eric. “Well, maybe we can just sleep on it. We’ll see what we feel like tomorrow.” He pretended nonchalance, but inside he knew he wouldn’t be able to forget this night and those skillful, busy fingers.


Evelyn Applegate writes romance and erotic fiction. She lives in Brisbane, Australia, with two cats, Heinrich and Butternut, and a ridiculous number of shoes. Her veins frequently contain more coffee than blood. She enjoys creative writing and reads a lot. Her favourite authors include Poppy Z. Brite, Anais Nin and Kelley Armstrong. Her work has appeared in For the Girls Magazine and her paranormal erotica ebook, Land of A Thousand Dances, is available through Logical Lust. You may find Evelyn here:

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  • Steve Isaak

    Good write – an able blend of tale-telling (not too much, not too little) and smutter sensibilities. Enjoyed this a lot. =)