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A Willing Mouth — Elizabeth Coldwell

I am waiting for them to come back and use my mouth.

When they brought me here, they said that was all they wanted from me, which suits me, too. It’s long been a fantasy of mine: two hard, anonymous cocks and one willing mouth.

The door opens, and I sit up on the bed. There is hardly any light in the room, but I can make them out as two broad silhouettes. I saw a little of them earlier, before they bundled me into the car and put a blindfold over my eyes. One is dark-haired, with two days’ growth of beard on his chin, the other blond and boyish. They don’t frighten me; the very opposite, in fact. I have been lying here, alone in the dark, barely able to keep my fingers away from my pussy as I imagine what it will be like to suck the pair of them off.

I don’t have to imagine any longer. They haul me to my feet and begin to paw at me, stripping off my clothes. As the taller of the two, who I know to be the dark-haired one, pulls down my panties, I’m sure they must both be able to smell how excited I am. My female musk is overpowering in the small room.

Once I am naked, they push me to my knees where I wait, submissively, as they take down their trousers. Two cocks flop out, close to my face, both half-hard. I don’t need any encouragement to reach out and take one in each hand. The blond seems the better endowed of the two, but as I stroke them, they both begin to stiffen to a satisfying length that I can’t wait to get my mouth around.

Unable to hold back any longer, the dark man grabs my hair and forces my head on to his shaft. His impatience is understandable; he’s as turned on by this as I am, as eager to be sucked as I am to suck him. My lips open wide and I take him in. I savor the heat and the salty taste of him, running my tongue over the fat plum head and being rewarded with a trickle of juice. He wants to force the pace, but I am in control here: this is what I do, this is what I enjoy. If he gives in and lets me lick him at my leisure, I will prove to him that I am the absolute queen of the blowjob. He seems to sense this, because he relaxes his grip on my hair and allows me to take over. I grasp him by the root and take him as far as I can, until his crown is nudging at the roof of my mouth. Then I pull back and lick all the way down, nuzzling my nose in his bushy pubes and breathing in his scent. His balls are full and taut, and I suck each one in turn, hearing him groan in response. I am glorying in the taste of him, but his friend is becoming anxious for his own turn, and I realize it’s not fair to leave him out.

Reluctantly letting go of the first cock, I grab the second and suck that down, too. Now fully hard, this one is no bigger than its companion, but it is thicker, and I can feel my lips stretching tight around it. I can’t get so much of it in, so I focus on the head, running my tongue over it with delicate little cat-licks. The blond’s hips jerk, and I grab hold of his meaty ass cheeks, holding him still so I can concentrate on giving him pleasure.

I’m fascinated by the difference in the way the two men taste: the first is sharp and briny, the second more earthy, like the finest truffles. Greedily, I start to swap from one to the other, a cock in each hand, bobbing my head between them and taking lusty licks of each in turn. It’s clear from their grunts of encouragement that they are loving what I am doing: I’ll never know why they chose to bring me here, out of anyone they could have had tonight, but somehow they must have sensed they were in the presence of a woman who truly loves sucking cock.

The taste, the scent, the pure, wanton luxury of having these two generous slabs of man flesh at my disposal is almost too much for me; my pussy throbs and I would slip a finger down between my legs to play with myself if it didn’t mean I would have to let go of one of the cocks I’m holding.

By now, it’s clear that neither man is going to last for much longer, so I press their two shafts together. I have no idea how it feels for them to be rubbing up against each other in this way; perhaps it’s adding an extra depth to the sensation, but by now, I really don’t care. I just want to make the two of them come. I’m almost slobbering over their helmets by now, drool running down my chin as I lave them with hard, fast strokes of my tongue.

The blond shudders and groans, and his seed begins to fill my mouth. He tastes slightly bitter, but it doesn’t stop me from swallowing as much as I can, the rest trickling out of the side of my mouth. As he withdraws, spent, it’s his friend’s turn to come. His semen is more smoky and exotic tasting, but I barely have time to register the difference before he, too, is pulling away. They are both satisfied and, even though I haven’t come myself, so am I.

As I dress, they thank me, telling me I have the finest mouth they’ve ever had the privilege of using. I just want to get back to the part of town where they found me, in case there are more men cruising around, looking for someone with a greedy appetite and a willing mouth.


Elizabeth Coldwell is the former editor of Forum magazine. Her fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies from Cleis Press, Black Lace, Ravenous Romance and Total-E-Bound among others, and most recently in The Bad Girl’s Sweet Kiss, published by Xcite Books. You can find her at The (Really) Naughty Corner,  

The Bad Girl’s Sweet Kiss can be purchased here: or

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